Tuesday, August 4, 2009

62 Days to Publication -- The Press Kit

Well, publication day is getting closer and closer. I’m trying to stay on my self-imposed schedule because if I drag my butt at any point, I might chicken out. So, I’ve spent the last couple of days putting together my press kit. This will go out to key book clubs, media outlets, and will accompany copies of my book when I send them out for reviews.

If you look up anything on self-publishing and what you need to do as an author, one of the most important things the “experts” tell you to do is design a professional looking press kit. They say the press kit should consist of – at a minimum – a cover page with a picture of the book cover and contact information, a press release, an author bio, an excerpt of your book with any reviews, and a sell sheet that provides all of the book details and descriptions. In my press kit, I’ve also included an interview/frequently-asked question page.

Whadaya think? Would it pique your interest in finding out more about the book? Or...meh?

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